BREAKING: “You’re not leaving” – Voters hold INEC officials hostage in Jos

BREAKING: 'You're not leaving' - Voters hold INEC officials hostage in Jos

Voters in some polling units in Jos, Plateau State, have protested the inadequate supply of ballot papers by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for Saturday’s re-run elections.

In one of the polling units in Salama Junction Polling Unit of Kabong Ward, voters stopped when they realized there were only 100 ballots papers for house of representative and 1000 ballot papers for Senate.

Similarly, in polling unit 015 inside GSS Chwelnyap in Jos north Local Government Area had ballot papers for House of Reps only but none for senate.

Voters in cue simply withdrew in protest, saying the shortage in the supply of adequate ballot papers was a deliberate action by the INEC to compromise the election.

“We will not resume voting until the ballot papers are complete,” the voters chorused according to Torizone.

The issue of inadequate ballot papers took stranger dimension at polling unit 052 in Rock haven, Jos North LGA. Voters held the election official’s hostage.

“You are not leaving here until you provide the ballot papers or give us satisfactory reason for the shortage of ballot papers,” an angry electorate said.

“In this polling unit, we have 1,276 registered voters, and INEC brought 100 ballot papers.

“Are we saying INEC did not know the number of voters in this unit? We are not going to accept any excuse for this. It is deliberate by INEC to disenfranchise us.”

Similar challenge of inadequate ballot papers was recorded in Tudun Wada/Kabong ward where INEC officials presented only 100 ballot paper for house of representatives’ election in a polling unit with 1,720 registered voters.

They insisted voting will not commence until the ballot papers were complete.

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