Why I rejected request to meet Davido – Odumodu

Rising Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck has garnered attention after revealing his decision to decline an offer to meet with singer Davido. His reasoning behind this surprising choice was based on his perception of Davido’s fanbase, primarily consisting of Afrobeats fans. Odumodublvck believed that his music might not resonate with this audience.

Instead, the rapper chose to focus on collaborating with artists who aligned with his vision. He recognized that artists like Teezee, BOJ, and Sholzy were instrumental in accessing the UK market, which closely matched his unique sound and style. In his view, these artists represented the closest match to his international sound.

Odumodublvck saw the potential for international success by following this path rather than pursuing a meeting with Davido. He explained that even if Davido were to help him by taking him to America and putting him on stage, his music might not connect with Davido’s Afrobeats-focused fanbase. Therefore, he decided to follow a different route to achieve his musical goals.

The rapper emphasized his decision to align with artists whose music and style were in sync with his own vision. This strategic choice has since paid off, as Odumodublvck has seen remarkable success, including achieving the number one spot in the country’s music scene.


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