Mohbad’s father demands to be present for the DNA test of the singer’s son

Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, known as Mohbad, is adamant that a DNA test to determine the paternity of his grandson, Liam, must be conducted in his presence. This demand has ignited a substantial debate in Nigeria, with many questioning the necessity of such a test.


During an interview with Stams TV, Mohbad’s father underscored the significance of the DNA test, describing it as a matter of national concern. Responding to rumors that a DNA test had already taken place, he clarified that no such test could proceed without his consent.

Mr. Aloba went a step further, insisting on his physical presence or the presence of a representative during the DNA test. Additionally, he proposed that the test be conducted at two different hospitals to ensure the utmost accuracy of the results.




Mohbad’s father emphasizes the importance of the DNA test


He stated, “Concerning the DNA test, it’s a must they do it. Nigerians are demanding for it. I heard rumors that they did it, but no matter what, I’m Mohbad’s father, so I’ll give consent on the DNA test or send anyone who can represent me during the test if I’m not there to know how they’ll do it. And even when they want to do it, it should be done in two different places so we can be very sure and know the truth.

“Also, where I am from in Ikere Ekiti, even Olu Ikere just left my side now after paying me a visit. We don’t accept bastards where I’m from, but it will be a thing of joy for me if this child is Mohbad’s because this is the only child he said he left for me. Three days before his death, I was with him, he even served me food and he put Liam on my hands, and he was taking pictures.

“So I’ll be very happy if Liam is Mohbad’s son because I love the child. But if it turns out that Liam is not his son, it won’t be good if we don’t find out now because of the future so that even late Mohbad shouldn’t be blaming me that I accepted something like this in. So the DNA is very necessary.”

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